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If you’re looking for a fun and fuckable time in Minneapolis, you need to find all the easy and sleazy places to look for gay cruising fun.

There’s a whole bi, curious and gay community of males looking to play in Minnesota and the United States.

Read on to see what you need to do to find men who cruise for other men just like you.

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    If you’re a fan of getting down and dirty and needing a release from a stranger, gay restroom cruising spots all over Minneapolis provide plenty of hot and horny men who are looking for a little NSA fun; some places include:
  1. Hilton Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis - Located at 1001 S Marquette Ave., the 3rd-floor bathroom urinals are the best spot for action. Locals, downtown businessmen, and hotel guests frequent this place. The discreet way to enter is through the skyway. The bathroom is at the end of the conference hall. The best time is during lunch hour, but it can be visited anytime. Start at the urinals for cruising.
  2. Crown Plaza Hotel - The bathroom on the 7th floor of the Crown Plaza Hotel is known for being cruisy and accommodating to exhibitionists and voyeurs. To get there, take the elevators at the Northstar West elevator banks from the skyway level and follow the hall to the banquet area. The bathroom is located opposite Cafe Northstar. The best times to visit are during business hours.
  3. University of Minnesota Twin Cities Meredith Wilson Library Basement - If you’re looking to find some great gay college cock, the library is where males get brain; there is a public restroom with two stalls and a couple of urinals. It is located in a relatively secluded area. All kinds of guys go there. The best times to visit are between noon and 3 p.m.
  4. Minneapolis Grain Exchange Building - Located on 400 S 4th St, the basement bathroom in the Grain Exchange Building is a quiet and cruisy spot, popular among businessmen. To get there, enter the building closer to 3rd Street and take the elevator or stairs to the basement. Take the tunnel under City Hall that connects to the Federal Courthouse from the skyway and follow signs to Grain Exchange. The bathroom is open during business hours, and lunchtime is a popular time to go.
    If the weather is warm and sunny, you’ll likely find plenty of revved-up males cruising the parks for men free-balling and looking to suck cocks just beneath the trees and off the walking paths. These are some hot locations Squirt members swear by:
  1. Parker’s Picnic and Trail Area - Located at 10343 Columbus Rd, there is a tranquil park with long trails frequented by all types of men. It is located about 10 minutes from the Mall of America. When cruising in the park, walking straight to the trail entrance on the left side is recommended, as there are hardly any hikers in that area.
  2. Camden-Webber Boat Launch - This quiet area has lots of trails, ideal for strolling and finding dicks to take! To get there, travel north on North Washington Avenue and turn right into Soo Avenue North until you reach the Mississippi River Boat Ramp. It is open 24/7, with the best times being early morning or after sunset. If you want to cruise, hang out in your car and give a sign to walk the trail or get in a guy's car. However, be cautious of high foot traffic and the area used as a dumping ground after dark.
  3. Crystal Mac Wild Life Area - Find this spot on 4908 60th Ave N; there is a long trail with quiet spots for cruising. The best times to go are in the morning or evening. Be cautious of other people, and note that nudity is not allowed.
  4. Twin Lake - Twin Lake has hidden beaches and a large meadow on top of a hill; nudity is common at the main beach. Be mindful of litter and be aware that the police are aware of this location.
  5. Hidden Falls Regional Park - A park with a cruising area is located near 46th Street/Ford Parkway in St. Paul. It is accessible by taking River Road south and exiting at Hidden Falls. All types of guys frequent the park, which is best visited after dark. Nudity is allowed for a limited time in the open areas. Be cautious of dog walkers and runners who may pass through.
  6. Thomas Sadler Roberts Bird Sanctuary - Located on Lake Harriet Pkwy, a popular spot for meeting hookups; plus, the park is open year-round and closes at 10 pm, but you can still access it if you park near the lake. The best times to visit are later in the day due to how busy it can be during peak day hours. Be cautious in the parking lot, especially at night, as police occasionally patrol the area.
    If you love getting your muscles pumped and then something else pumped in the locker room with a “workout bud,” you’re in luck. Minneapolis has some spots that guarantee you can get off just the way you like:
  1. Life Time Fitness in Target Center - Located at 600 1st Ave N, this luxurious athletic country club gets a lot of action in the sauna and locker room.
  2. Dayton At Gaviidae YMCA - Located at 651 Nicollet Mall St., plenty of members note that the showers get lots of action; just be sure to log onto and see who is there and ready to fuck after a long, hard workout that’s about to get much harder.