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Local Gay Hookups and Gay Group Sex in Las Vegas

Finding gay life in Las Vegas can be just as tough to win as the local slot machines. However, with, you can guarantee you’ll be easily slotting your piece into a lucky one, or seven, guys.

Las Vegas is an excellent town with casinos, shows, and plenty of ways to entertain even the most finicky of males. Vegas is known for its “Fruit Loop” strip, a cluster of bars, clubs and bathhouse cruising spots, where if cheap drinks aren’t possible, the array of hot, ready-to-go males looking for a good time will give you something to sip. can help you unlock your hookup game in Vegas and level up your sex escapades to new levels. Read on to find out how the Vegas gay scene is ready for you to enjoy.

Gay Las Vegas Bathhouses and Hot and Sleazy Cruising Spots

Whether you’re travelling to Vegas to try your chances at a hot gay encounter or live in this desert state of Nevada, Las Vegas offers many fun and even new bathhouses for gay men and gay singles to get down and dirty.

For example, Kuma Health Club features a steam room, sauna, showers, locker room, a rockin’ lounge area, video room, glory holes, and more. Entourage Vegas Spa & Health Club also has its perks: a jacuzzi, sauna and steam rooms, a video room, and a large playroom in the back; plus, a pool!

But don’t just take our word for it; there are plenty of members who love to cruise the local bathhouses of Vegas and aren’t shy about sharing their good time:

“Watched a hot couple fuck in the open over on the sofa in the TV area. The place is conducive for hot sex.”

“Very nice place, last week I had two young bottoms and one top, we had a great time.”

“Well I have to say I GOT FUCKED!! alot [sic] here in the 4 hours I was here last night. I got fucked by 5 different cocks one of them was at least 10 inches and 6 inches fat. Wow he fucked me so hard for about 10 minutes straight and did not stop with hard-ass pounding. Perhaps one of my best fucks in a 10 years.”

Bathhouses in Las Vegas are aplenty, with many hot single men, or those who have permission to play, that can’t wait to take their chance at some fresh meat.

But that’s not all: with Squirt’s extensive cruising directory, you can find all the hot spots that gay men love to frequent and see when they’re busy, the types of guys who go, and ensure nothing is stopping you from having a hot night out, or even a sultry love affair during the day hours.

Find Gay Bars in Las Vegas

There's no need to fret if you’re looking for more than drink specials and drag shows in Vegas.

Clubs in Las Vegas offer plenty of opportunities to cruise the local gay scene and meet males you can take back to your place, hook up with nearby, or who may just want to chat and get to know your kinks before doing the deed.

Piranha Nightclub, Fun Hog Ranch and the Spotlight Lounge are only a few examples of the clubs and bars that line the city of Vegas, each with its vibe and type of men who like to frequent weekly or even daily.

From the familiar stomping grounds of The Eagle, or the swingers-style vibe of The Studios, which offer bi guys a chance to play, Vegas can be no-holds-barred, so you can get out, get hard and get off!

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