• Lafayette Village

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    • City: Sussex County
    • Neighbourhood: Shopping Village
    • Address: 82 New Jersey 15
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  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: Park in upper lot by Bass shoe outlet. Take path between Bass shoes and Rock and Gem store to lower village. Restrooms on left at base of path. Men's room entrance is at the end of a short corridor under the covered porch. Entrance consists of two doors with a small vestibule between leaving plenty of warning of anyone entering. Sinks are at the entrance, and stalls and urinals are around the corner from the sinks, allowing for additional privacy. Stalls and urinals are situated on opposing walls making for easy cruising from either location. While weekdays can be better for daytime or lunchtime hook ups, weekends tend to have a heavier tourist crowd. On weekends, chances for any action are probably better toward the end of the day, if at all.