• Gemini Adult Books

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    • City: Williamstown
    • Neighbourhood: Sicklerville/Sewell/Turnersville/ Williamstown
    • Address: 2901 Route 42
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: The booths have been updated to show multiple videos for you to choose from (all varieties -- straight, gay, transsexual). The noise from hitting the selection buttons can be sometimes annoying (while you can control the volume for the videos, you can not control the volume for the selection buttons). The mail slot glory holes are still in place but can be awkward & uncomfortable at times depending on the situation. There is a small theatre (think square shape with the booths on three sides & the theatre on the fourth). A half-dozen or so folding chairs & a cushioned L-shaped bench. Place is still kept immaculately clean which is unusual for these venues. There is also access to an outside area (fenced in) for smokers to take a break.