• Kings Highway Cinema

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    • City: Brooklyn
    • Neighbourhood: Gravesend, Midwood
    • Address: 711 Kings Highway
  • Viewed: 362024
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: This place is divided into 4 theatres. Admission is $12 dollars with in-and-out privileges. As you enter the lobby, you will see 5 doors. The 1st and 5th doors on the far ends bring you upstairs to a theatre that shows g-rated movies. The 2nd door from your left brings you inside a theatre that shows gay porn. The 3rd door brings you inside a theatre that features shows from cable TV. The 4th door brings you inside a theatre that shows straight porn. Between the theatres that show straight and gay porn, there is an area that has over 30 booths showing porn. Downstairs of the lobby brings you down to a lounge room that has a TV showing cable shows and to the left of it, there are bathrooms. The lobby also has arcade games and vending machines for your convenience.