• Down East Video

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    • City: Goldsboro
    • Neighbourhood:
    • Address: 4265 US Highway 70 East
  • Viewed: 103833
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: They do charge $10 for an hour to get into the arcade area. Arcade has approximately 16 booths. Some have doors, some do not. No tokens or bill slots, hence the prepay at the counter with the clerk. Magnetic lock on the half door that separates the arcade space from the front. Restroom Five glory holes big enough for anything but a mutated cock to go through. One booth has holes on each side. 1 or 2 very bothersome trolls and 1 or 2 that can take the hint. Mostly guys looking to suck or be sucked, some fucking does go on at times. Very gay-friendly management, they know what goes on in back and have at times joined in.