• Hobbeze

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    • City: Lebanon
    • Neighbourhood: Avon
    • Address: 1604 East Cumberland Street
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Booths are small. There is a soda machine, rest room and pin ball machines. The back area features two theaters for the same price. First theater has a single movie playing. Second theater is set-up much like a lounge. Well appointed and comfortable lounge style chairs face three different LCD screens playing three different kinds of movies. One is straight, one is gay and one is reserved for alternative fare. Very nice and very interesting set-up designed for enjoyment. Also features a nice, outdoor sun deck where it appears smoking is allowed. Theatre is $12 admission. Dancer is separate and two booths in the back that takes tokens for $12. New video booths with larger screens. No doors, but there are thin curtains. Booths have glass panels that can be opened if you want to see the next booth. Smoking is permitted in the video booth area, and clerks come back to smoke, but don't say much. Patio looks like they have sealed it off. New smaller video room added towards the front (has a small chair, and a lounge bench)