• Scorpio Video

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    • City: Philadelphia
    • Neighbourhood: Midtown
    • Address: 205 South Juniper Street
  • Viewed: 82639
  • Rating: 1 Rating: 1 star 100
  • Description: Nondescript" might be the best word for this diminutive but resilient little sex shop. The location is absolutely perfect for an establishment of this nature: hidden right in the heart of Center City, off Juniper, which is basically a glorified alley of dubious glorification, against another dark alley of the sort where steam rises from garbage on cold nights as the shadowy recesses invite imagined scenes of sordid depravity.

    For all that, it's a downright chipper place on the inside, thanks to the easygoing staff. The shop itself doesn't offer that much, but probably enough to meet whatever needs have compelled you to stroll into a seedy sex shop in an alley with a garish red facade and sign. Selection isn't immaculate--don't come here for boutique designer condoms or obscure cult porn titles, but rather just-need-something-quick situations--but this is a sex shop with a social conscience: there's a bin of $5 DVDs right now where some of the proceeds go to Haiti. Kudos to you for that, Scorpio Adult Boutique and Video!