• Amazing Superstores

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    • City: Dallas
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    • Address: 11311 Harry Hines Boulevard
  • Viewed: 647191
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: It has 18 large buddy booths. All the rooms have 32" HD TVs to make sure the porn is crystal clear and wooden benches. All rooms also have black lights and regular lights so you can "set the mood" if you want. 6 of the buddy booths have a rectangular glass encasement that allows for viewing an adjacent buddy booth, depending on whether the feeling is mutual from both parties. One can clear or fog the encasement via the video console. The encasement will clear if both parties are amenable to it; either party can fog the glass window, at their own discretion. Two rooms have balcony-like partitions to create a glory-hole experience. Just stand on the partition, in which you can easily shove your cock through the holes. Very CD friendly. Let CDs in free - i have been waived in by all at the desk all the time.