• T-107 Park

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    • City: Seattle
    • Neighbourhood: West Seattle
    • Address: 4750 West Marginal Way SW
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  • Description: From the paved parking area next to the Grayline bus barn yard there is a paved walking trail that winds down toward the river and ends at a single bench. To the left of the bench is a trail that winds through the marsh and continues on for about a half mile until it ends at a point in the middle of the river. There are many hidden spots along the way that veer off the trail and the foliage is very dense providing an excellent cover for any kind of action you want here.
    Note there are actually two adjacent parks with their own parking areas. T-107 park is to the south, and is operated by the Port of Seattle. It's open 6am to 9pm daily, and the parking lot is gated at 9pm.
    Just north of there is Herring's House Park, run by the CIty, and it's open 4:30am to 11:30pm. The best cruising is along the riverside trail headed north, then fording the inlet when the tide is low, and crossng to the other side. No one is over there but fellow cruisers! Lots of great cubbies with foliage cover.