• Madison's Playtime Parties

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  • Description: Playtime Parties are hosted twice a month, one daytime party on the third Friday of the month and one night time party once a month usually Thursday after work. There are usually 12 to 20 guys who show up at the night time parties. There have been as many as 32 guys there for a night or after work as it is called party. Ages of the guys run from late 20s to mid 40s average around 36. At the daytime parties, many of the guys are older and most are married. There are usually about 15-30 guys who are there for the daytime parties. Large age span from young to old. Little, if any, age discrimination. Refreshments are available from the hosts, but no alcohol or drugs permitted. Some guys do use poppers. At each party, everyone can watch gay videos on the TVs in each room for the first half hour, if desired, while getting comfortable. But that is not necessary. Usually, after entering and registering, the guys get naked right away. Newbies sometimes walk around first with the host explaining the procedure. Then, guys start to play, alone or with each other. There is a lot of one on one and small group action but some guys just like to watch and enjoy themselves. You do whatever you are comfortable doing. Always remember: No means no. Safe sex only condoms and abundant towels are available everywhere. The bathroom and shower are free to use, too. The hosts are great guys and the atmosphere is pleasant and basically unrestricted.