• Romersauna

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    • City: Wien/Vienna
    • Neighbourhood: Margareten
    • Address: Rüdigergasse 2
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This is a new sauna / bathhouse with a large cruising area and lots of rooms to play. Locker area, bar, shower, steam room and hot sauna and some play areas with gay video playing are on the ground floor and several playing rooms in the basement (some open, some can be locked). One room with a sling. One dark room. Several rooms have a GH to the neighbouring room or the "cruising walk-way"

    At the entrance you recieve a key for your locker, a towel and if you want slippers.
    Condoms available free of charge.
    Lube in portions or tube available for 0,90 or 2,00 Euros.

    Entrance fee Euro 14, special rates (e.g. for the time 11am-1pm only or for under25) available.