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You've probably heard rumors about men who hook up in local public park restrooms, library study carrels or the dunes of a nearby beach. If you're a traveling man, you may have dreamed about anonymous quickies at airports or trucks stops. Maybe you've even fantasized about visiting a gay bathhouse or sex club. The thrill of anonymity, the rush of others possibly watching and, of course, the excitement of a manly touch combine to create a hot scenario that simply can't be replicated in any bedroom. helps gay and bi men cruising for sex to live out their fantasies once and for all.

Why Choose to Cruise?

Gay cruising is the ancient art of men seeking men for anonymous sex in public. Before the Internet, gay bars and gay hookup websites, men looking for other men had to be creative to find each other. Even though it's easy today to find a twink or jock to come to your place, many men miss the unique appeal of gay cruising. Fortunately, more of those men are finding their way to everyday, and they are working hard on compiling the master list of hookup spots for gay and bi men. Know of a spot that we're missing? You can add your own. If you have a device with GPS, Squirt Mobile can give you exact directions to places near you where gay and bi men are looking for casual sex. The Squirt directory already has over 15,000 entries for cruising locations across the globe with maps, star ratings and a comment board where members can share their experiences.

The Many Perks of Squirt

Speaking of shared experiences, also has a free gay chat feature including video chat and the ability to post videos on your profile. The world of gay cruising has a vocabulary of its own, so created a ‘cruising dictionary’ in case you see some unfamiliar slang on the message boards. Dick's cruising tips supply you with advice for protecting yourself against legal troubles and STIs. Squirt is more than a gay hookup website; it's a full community of men who help each other cruise safely and successfully.

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Thousands of gay and bi men are all around you, and they are fantasizing about the same things you are. Sign up for a free account to get plugged into your local community and find where horny men go to cruise near you. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the number of guys and hookup spots you've been unknowingly passing by every day.