Hook up with hot gay men at Bear Creek Park in Surrey
  • Bear Creek Park

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    • City: Surrey
    • Neighbourhood:
    • Address: King George Boulevard
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  • Description: There's a walkway off of 140th near a white building: it leads down in the woods and over a bridge. It forks but it's just a large circle, so you can't get lost.The gate on the 140 street entrance is locked at dusk and also during the winter. The 88 avenue entrance is open 24 hours and many people walk or run around the tracks for exercise at all hours. A lot of young couples play in their cars at night, many go out into the bushes, too. This park is also a hub for people to meet and hang out at night because it's the only park in Surrey that stays open. Guys looking for action with other guys cruise each other in their cars--you can really spot them at night driving around all over the parking lot looking for other lone male drivers. Some walk down the trail to the rose garden just behind, and to the left of, the park curator's house on the far end of the park. The cops do come in sometimes at night, but they don't go into the trails--they just look for people playing in their cars. In any case, if you're not too caught up in your activities, you can see them and make the necessary adjustments before they can get close enough to catch you. Bear Creek Park is hit and miss, especially in the colder months.