• McMaster University

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    • City: Hamilton
    • Neighbourhood: Westdale
    • Address: Sterling Street
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  • Rating: 2 Rating: 2 star 100
  • Description: A large brightly lit public washroom, that’s relatively quiet and secluded but still connected to the main Student Centre and Gilmour Hall administrative building. Upon entering you’ll notice six urinals directly in front of you, and two large sink washing sections to the left. Looking to the right, you’ll see a brick partition wall, which partially blocks the view of two small bathroom stalls and creates a good private ambience for fellow cruisers. Directly across from the small stalls, but still in the right section of the washroom, is the larger disability access lavatory and another regular sized stall. While the disability toilet has a little less privacy, it gives the best vantage point of incomers and is large enough to accommodate movement and action with second person (should you feel comfortable to bring one in).