Hook up with hot gay men at Kings Crossing Washrooms in Kingston
  • Kings Crossing Washrooms

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    • City: Kingston
    • Neighbourhood: Heights North end Hwy 401 and Division Street
    • Address: 101 Dalton Avenue
  • Viewed: 282867
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Nice noisy commercial door. 2.5 second delay as one has to walk around the barrier. Plumbing and wind make the place surprisingly noisy. Otherwise quiet and seems to be quite well known now. Lots of guys there who know nothing of squirt, but know the washroom is a cruising spot. 5 stalls. The Glazed tile walls are fun because you can see into the next stall. The gaps between doors are bigger than other places - almost 1/2 inch!

    Facilities: Last stall is handicap. Gives lots of room to play.