Hook up with hot gay men at Swing Shift Adult Video in Richmond Hill
  • Swing Shift Adult Video

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    • City: Richmond Hill
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    • Address: 10084 Yonge Street
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: The larger "bi" and "straight" room has now been split into two sections. Two TVs show different videos. The back part of the room has a bit more light than it used to, so you can see all the action quite well.

    The entry fee is $15; this allows you to wander back and forth between the smaller "gay" room and the larger "bi" room (which is split into two sections.

    The staff is friendly and welcoming.

    Costs are $10 for private room; each additional person who joins your room must pay $5. The $5 rate is only for people who are already inside the location, and have paid full admission. You have the room for the length of your movie. Some staff may let you stay longer and not charge you. However, according to the owner, staff are supposed to either ask the client to pay again (renew), or to vacate the room.

    There is another option: this allows you to get a private room and access to the theatres, for $20. The room rental fee comes with your choice of movie.