Hook up with hot gay men at Nautilus Plus - St-Andre Street in Montreal
  • Nautilus Plus - St-Andre Street

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    • City: Montreal
    • Neighbourhood: Village
    • Address: 1431, St-Andre Street, 3rd Floor
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  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: Modern, spacious, busy gym. The sauna is always very cruisy. However, the showers curtains are short to prevent guys from having too much fun in there. Therefore, the sauna is a safer, quieter place for action. But if you go to one of the largest shower stalls in the back, you can still be two and have lots of fun without being disturbed. You need to stay as far away from the shower curtain as possible but you can blow each other and even fuck, if you're discreet. There is a lot of group action happening in the sauna.