• University of Sakatchewan - 3rd Floor Library Washroom

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    • City: Saskatoon
    • Neighbourhood: University of Saskatchewan
    • Address: 3 Campus Drive
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  • Description: Main Library, 3rd floor on the side by the copy center. mostly horny uni students looking to get off.At the bottom of the escalators, walk in the one o'clcok direction, past A&W and food court and go up the 4 steps on your right. Go through the double doors and turn immediately to your right and go up the stairs that lead to library. At the top of those stairs, the entrance to the library will be on your left hand side. Enter the library and go up the stairs to your right (go up to the first level - the Main level). Once you go through the open doors on the main level, turn left right away and go down the hallway, sticking to the right hand side of the hallway. You will arrive at an open area with a bunch of photocopiers (you are now in what is called, the North Wing of the Main Library, aka. The Murray Wing). If you walk towards the right, past the copiers, you will take the staircase (which will be to your left) up to the 3rd floor (alternatively, you can take the elevator which is tucked away around the corner). If you took the stairs, then turn left as soon as you enter the 3rd floor and make another left turn down the short hall and past the water fountain and you'll arrive at the Men's Washroom. If you took the elevator, then just turn left once you get off the elevator and you'll be right there. There is only a Men's washroom on that floor. You might have to print out directions.