• Ti Ximo

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    • City: Benidorm
    • Neighbourhood: Levante Beach
    • Address: Calle del Alcalde Manuel Catalan Chana, 12
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: There are four distinct cruising areas to the east of Benidorms Levante Beach. These seem to be getting mixed up by posters here. First, as you pass the Benikaktus hotel (correctly described previously), you will see a medium sized nude beach below you. You can reach this from a path starting as the main road makes a sharp left turn. Walk down the path, following a wide wall until the rocks and beach. When done on this beach, continue eastwards climbing the path up to the headland fortification. This fortification is itself a cruising point, behind the wall (on the cliff) as well as to either side of it (picture 1) Continuing along the road, you then see Ti Ximo bay below you. Just at the turn to the bay, is a cruising area in the scrubland to the left, pictures 2 and 3. The actual Ti Ximo beach, small bay at the end of the drivable road has nude gay bathing and cruising on the rocks.