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Squirt's Cruising Glossary

Here are some helpful definitions of terms and abbreviations you might come across while cruising for sex online or elsewhere.

Keep in mind, terms change and often mean one thing in one geography or community, while meaning something very different in another.

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1:1, 1x1, 1/1One on one encounters.
68Suck my cock now and I'll owe you one later.
69Two guys sucking each other's cocks at the same time.
6 PackMuscular stomach muscles.
#1 CroppedLength of hair after being trimmed with clippers. ie. My hair is short, #3 cropped.
+++Strongly preferred. ie. Gigantic cocks are a+++.
< "Less than." ie. Seeking men <40 years old.
>"More than." ie. Seeking cocks >8"
420Indicates a guy is into smoking marijuana.


ABSAdult Book Store, has porn for sale and can be a place to meet and have sex.
AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)An illness that attacks the immune system and can lead serious illness and/or death. You can get HIV or AIDS by the transfer of blood, semen (cum) and pre-ejaculate.
AVS Adult Video Store, has porn for sale and to view, can be a place to meet and have sex.
Accom Accommodate, meaning to host. IE - My wife is out of town, I can accom at my place.
ActiveThe active participant (giver) in a sexual scene.
Amyl (Amyl Nitrite, Poppers)A drug (it usually comes in small bottles) that is inhaled through the nose to relax you and increase your pleasure. Often used during anal sex.
Age PlaySexual role play that involves pretending to be a different age than one's own.
AnalGenerally refers to anal sex, getting fucked in the ass.
Anal BeadsA sex toy resembling a beaded necklace that is inserted into the asshole for pleasure.
AnilingusLicking or stimulating the asshole with the mouth or tongue.
Ass Play Sexual activities involving the butt.
Attached Having a partner, spouse.
Autoerotic AsphyxiationThe practice of limiting your oxygen supply while masturbating to achieve a more intense orgasm before you pass out.
AutofellatioThe nearly superhuman talent of giving yourself a blowjob.


BAMBisexual Asian Man.
BBMBisexual Black Man.
BDSMCan mean a variety of activities, including Bondage and Domination, Discipline and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism. Sexual play where there is an acknowledged power dynamic between partners, where one partner is the dominant, and the other the submissive. Activities might include humiliation, restraint and inflicting pain, etc.
BiMMBisexual Married Man.
BSBullshit. ie. Not into BS.
BWMBisexual White Man.
Ball GagA sex toy that consists of a strap with a ball in the middle. The ball is placed in the mouth, and the straps fastened around the back of the head, rendering the wearer unable to talk or use his mouth.
Ball SackScrotum, the bag of skin that contains the testicles.
Ball Stretcher A sex toy that is placed around a man's scrotum, above his balls, to stretch the scrotum and put weight on his balls for pleasure.
Bareback (BB, Raw Sex)To have anal sex without a condom, to ejaculate into a guys ass without protection.
Bathhouse (The Baths, The Tubs)A place where men meet for sex with other men. Often have single rooms or lockers for rent, steam rooms, saunas, video (porn) rooms, slings, or glory holes.
BBCBig Black Cock
BearA gay man, with a stocky build usually having both body and facial hair.
BearcubSomeone who's between a bear and a cub.
Beat A cruising location, ie public toilet, park or other location where men meet for sex.
BehrMen with facial hair and a muscular/stocky build, but with little or no body hair.
Bi-curiousSomeone who has sex with the opposite sex, but is interested in or open to trying same-sex activities.
BisexualSomeone who has sex with both men and women.
BloodsportsSexual play including blood, cutting or bloodletting.
BlowjobTo suck a cock, provide oral stimulation to the penis with the mouth, tongue.
Blow n' goGetting a blowjob and leaving immediately after cumming.
Blue BallsPainful sensation when you've had a prolonged boner and haven't cum.
Blue Collar Refers to men who work in skilled trades, construction workers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc.
BluetoothA technology that allows people to exchange info or connect via electronic devices (cell phones, laptops etc) within small geographic areas.
BondageBeing tied up or restrained for sexual pleasure.
BonerHard on, erection.
BoothSmall room in adult sex venues such as Adult Video Stores, where one can enter and view porn. Generally, you have to deposit tokens (usually purchased at the front counter) to view porn.
BottomGenerally, someone who likes to receive anal sex.
Breath Play Reducing oxygen during sex to increase the intensity and sexual pleasure of orgasm.
BreedingPumping a guy's ass full of cum without a condom.
Brown, BrownplaySexual play involving feces (shit).
Bubble ButtA round, large ass. ie. I'm seeking a guy with a hot bubble butt.
Buddy BoothFound in adult sex venues such as Adult Video Stores, a booth that can either accommodate two men at once, or which has a sliding partition or window into the adjoining booth so both men can see and/or touch one another although they are in separate booths.
Bug ChaserA guy who deliberately has unprotected sex, often knowingly with guys who are HIV positive, in order to become infected with the virus.
BuggeryAnal sex.
BukkakeBeing ejaculated on by many men at the same time or in the same sexual interaction, being covered in cum by multiple guys.
Bust a NutTo cum.
ButchMasculine, straight acting and looking.
Butt FuckingAnal sex.
Butt PlaySexual activities involving the ass.
Butt PlugA sex toy that is inserted into the ass for sexual pleasure.


C2CCam to Cam, meaning the exchanging of webcam feeds. ie. Looking to jack off with someone C2C. Or, cock to cock, as in rubbing cocks together for pleasure.
CBT, Cock and Ball TortureTo bind or cause physical pain to the penis or testicles for sexual pleasure.
CD, CD/TVCross dresser or cross dressing; dressing and acting in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite gender.
CaneA long, thin instrument used to hit a sexual partner and inflict physical pain for sexual pleasure.
Catching, Catcher Bottoming, someone who bottoms.
CatheterizationSexual play involving the insertion of a tube into the penis and urethra to control, prevent or induce urination. Can be used as part of control scenes in BDSM.
ChapsOften made of leather, leggings that can be worn over jeans or on bare skin, which zip up on the outside of both legs and don't have any covering over the ass or crotch.
CherryVirginity, never having had anal sex. ie. Looking to get fucked for the first time and lose my cherry.
ChickenA young male, generally slim and smooth.
Chicken HawkSomeone (generally an older male) with a sexual preference for young men.
ChubbA stocky or heavy guy.
Cheese (Dick Cheese, Smegma)The substance that can gather under a guys foreskin, often having a strong smell and taste.
Chubby ChaserA person who prefers to have sex with larger guys.
Cialis, CyalisA drug prescribed for erectile dysfunction, sometimes taken by gay men to improve and pro-long erections during sex.
Circumcised Cut, having had the foreskin of the penis removed.
ClapRefers to the sexually transmitted disease Gonorrhea.
CockringA small ring (leather, rubber, etc) that is placed at the base of the penis and/or around the testicles to prolong erections by containing blood flow.
CocksnotEjaculate, or pre-cum. ie. He was really leaking cocksnot.
Cock Worship The act of being sexually focused on the penis and everything related to it. IE -gagging on it, cleaning it with your mouth, tonguing and sucking the balls, drinking piss, swallowing sperm. Often performed by a sub or bottom.
Condom (Rubber, Wrap, Protection)A latex wrapper placed over the cock before sex to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.
Consensual Both (or all) parties agree to engage in acts during a sexual scene.
Cottage, CottagingA UK term for a public toilet, for seeking sex with other men in public washrooms.
Couples Booth (Buddy Booth)In adult sex venues such as Adult Video Stores, a booth that can either accommodate two men at once, or which has a sliding partition or window into the adjoining booth so both men can see / touch one another although they are in separate booths.
Cristina (Crystal, Crank, Tina, Meth)Methamphetamine, a drug that acts as a stimulant and causes feelings of enhanced excitement and euphoria, sometimes used by men during sex to increase pleasure. Considered to be highly addictive.
Crop (Riding Crop)A whip-like tool used to hit a sexual partner and inflict pain for sexual pleasure.
CrossdresserSomeone who enjoys dressing as the opposite gender.
CruisingThe act of seeking sex (usually anonymous) with men in public areas.
CubA young bear.
CuckoldSomeone who is married and enjoys his wife having sex with other men. He may watch, or want to join in with them as they fuck.
Cum/Come The act of ejaculating, or referring to the semen itself. ie. I am going to cum, I love to eat cum.
Cum Control The act of controlling or delaying ejaculation, either as part of a control scene in BDSM or to extend sexual pleasure.
Cum DumpSomeone who likes to receive many loads of cum in/on them simultaneously or in the same sexual scene. Can also refer to someone who receives unprotected anal sex.
Cum EatingSwallowing someone else's cum.
CumshotA burst of ejaculation.
Cum SlutA guy who loves to drink large amounts of ejaculate.
Cum Swap The exchange of cum from one partner to another.
CutCircumcised, having had the foreskin of the penis removed.
CybersexEngaging in sexual play online.


DDFDrug and disease free, someone who doesn't use drugs and has no sexually transmitted diseases.
DFCan mean drug free, or disease free.
DLDown low.
DPdouble penetration, being fucked with two cocks in your ass at once.
DTEDown to earth.
DaddyA man, generally older, who prefers to play the role of a father figure in sexual scenes.
Daddy/boyA sexual scene that involves someone playing an older father figure, and someone playing a younger or more inexperienced male, such as a son or nephew.
Daisy ChainA group of three or more having sex, usually oral, with each guy sucking the next in the chain, and the last guy sucking the first.
DarkroomA special area in sex venues such as bathhouses where there is minimal light, where men gather to have sex, usually anonymous.
Deep ThroatThe act of sucking a cock until it is completely engulfed in your mouth/throat, and your lips have reached the base of the penis.
DickPenis, cock.
Dick Cheese (Cheese, Smegma)The substance that can gather under a guy's foreskin, often having a strong smell and taste.
DildoA sex toy, usually cock shaped, used for sexual penetration.
Dirty SanchezThe act of smearing shit under a guys nose in the form of a mustache after fingering his ass. Or making a guy smell your finger after it's been in his ass.
DiscreetA person who doesn't want to publicly show signs of a sexual interaction either because they're still in the closet, in a monogamous relationship or any other reasons.
DockingWhere one uncut partner wraps his foreskin around the head of his partner's cock, and masturbates them together.
Doggie StyleFucking from behind, one partner is generally on all fours with his ass in the air, the other partner mounts him from behind.
DoggingA UK term for having sex in public, usually applies to straight couples that hook up for sex in public places.
DomSomeone who enjoys topping sexual partners. ie. I'm a dom looking for submissives.
DominationThe act of topping someone for the purposes of sexual gratification.
Double Penetration, DP, Double Stuff, Double FuckTwo guys (two cocks) penetrate one guy's ass at the same time, so the bottom is fucked with two cocks at once.
Down LowA term that refers to the practice, generally within the black male community, of having sex with men in secret while otherwise living a typically straight life.
DTFDown To Fuck.
DragDressing in clothes traditional to the opposite gender.
Drag QueenA man who dresses up as a woman and performs, often singing, dancing or lip-synching.
DrySometimes refers to someone who has had a vasectomy.


EDErectile dysfunction, a medical problem causing the inability to have or maintain an erection.
EaterThe person who gives oral, and generally swallows his partner's load.
Edge Play, EdgingA sadomasochist experience of exploring and pushing sexual boundaries, or the act of repeatedly getting close to cumming but holding off for periods of time.
EjaculateCum, jizz, semen.
EnemaInserting liquid into the rectum via the anus. Generally used to clean the ass prior to anal sex, or to stimulate / enhance anal pleasure.
ErectionA hard-on, having an erect penis.
EscortA guy who provides sexual services for money.
Exhibitionist, Exhibitionism One who derives sexual pleasure from performing sexual acts for others to view, the act of doing the same.


FMF, FFM - Female/Male/Female, Female/Female/Male - a threesome involving two women and one man.
FtM, F2M trans guy, trans man; female to male transgender or transsexual person (assigned female at birth, identifies as male some or all of the time). FtMs may or may not be on hormones &/or have had surgery.
Face FuckingThe act of thrusting your cock into a partner's mouth, often forcefully.
FacialThe act of blowing your load on someone else's face, or having a partner blow their load on your face.
FeederA guy who gets a blowjob and shoots his load into his partner's mouth.
Felch, FelchingThe act of eating, licking, sucking cum out of someone's ass.
FellateTo provide oral sex to a partner.
FellatioOral sex, blowjob.
Fem, FemmyA man who has feminine attributes, either acts or dresses in an effeminate manner.
FeminizationThe act, sometimes forced, of dressing in typically female clothing and acting in a feminine manner.
FaggotA guy who has sex with or is attracted to other men.
FetishA sexual fixation/obsession with a specific act, body part, type of person, etc.
FiggingSticking a peeled piece of ginger up your ass to produce a burning sensation and increase sexual excitement.
FingerDigital stimulation, to fuck someone's ass with your fingers.
FistThe act of gradually inserting your hand into a guy's ass, and then forming a fist.
FlaccidA non-erect penis.
Flip-FuckTo alternate having the active role when fucking.
FloggerA whip-like instrument used to hit a partner for sexual gratification.
FlufferA guy, generally in a porn shoot or strip club, who provides sexual stimulation for the actors before they perform.
Foot FetishSomeone who has a sexual attraction/fixation for feet.
Foot JobStimulating your partner's cock with your feet.
Forced MilkingTo force a guy to ejaculate repeatedly.
ForeskinA layer of skin that covers the head of the penis. If someone has their foreskin intact, they are generally referred to as 'uncut.'
Frottage, Frot The act of rubbing body parts together in a non-penetrative way.
Fuckto have penetrative sex, IE - I fucked his ass, I fucked his face.
Fuck BuddySomeone you hook up with on a regular basis for sex, but are not in a relationship with.
FurryA guy who has a lot of body hair or who enjoys dressing up/envisioning himself as an animal while having sex.
FWBFriend With Benefits.


GAMGay Asian Man.
GBMGay Black Man.
GLGood looking.
GPSGlobal positioning system, a technology that uses longitude and latitude coordinates to find a specific geographic location, often used to locate cruising areas.
GSOHGood sense of humor.
GWMGay White Man.
GagSomething placed in/over the mouth to prevent it's use during a sexual scene, or the act of choking on cock when it hits the gag reflex in your throat.
Game PlayersSomeone who flirts and makes plans on-line or in person, but doesn't intend to actually meet for sex. IE - I'm not into time wasters or game players.
GangbangA group of guys who all take turns fucking one person.
GaySomeone who has sex with someone of the same sex.
Gay SaunaA public sauna where men meet each other for sex.
Gift Giver An HIV positive man who hooks up with bug chasers for the purposes of infecting them.
GlansThe tip, or head, of the penis.
Glory HoleA hole cut into a wall that is large enough to fit your cock through, usually between two bathroom stalls, booths, etc. Used for anonymous sex, one guy sticks his cock through the hole; the guy on the other side sucks it. Can also be used for rimming and fucking.
Go Down To perform oral sex. IE - How about you go down on me now?
Golden Shower Urinating on a partner, or being urinated on, for sexual pleasure.
Gonorrhea (Clap)A sexually transmitted disease.
Go-TGoatee, having facial hair on one's chin.
GreekAnal sex.
GrizzlyA bigger, taller, slightly older, really hairy guy.
Group sexA number of people who all have sex together at the same time.
Gym BunnyA gay man who spends a lot of time working out at the gym.


HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) The virus that causes Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), an illness that attacks the immune system and can lead serious illness and/or death. You can get HIV or AIDS by the transfer of blood, semen (cum) and pre-ejaculate.
HIV-, NegSomeone who is HIV negative, who does not have HIV.
HIV+, PozSomeone who is HIV positive, who does have HIV.
HWPHeight and weight proportionate.
Half and halfPaying someone for both oral and anal sex in the same session.
Half MastHaving a semi-hard on.
HandballingAnother term for fisting.
HandcuffedBeing in the middle while one guy fucks your mouth, and another guy fucks your ass, or being restrained by the wrist during sex.
Hand JobJerking a guy off, stroking his cock with your hand.
Hanky Code A series of colour coded handkerchiefs, generally worn in the back pants pocket, to indicate to others what sexual scenes you are into.
HardHaving an erection.
HardcoreIntense, extreme, graphic, raunchy, etc.
Hard On An erect cock.
HeadOral sex, blowjob. IE - I give great head.
Head JobOral sex.
Heterosexual, Hetero, Het Someone who has sex primarily with the opposite sex.
HoleUsually refers to ass, anus but can also be mouth. IE Fuck my hole.
Homosexual, HomoSomeone who has sex primarily with the same sex.
HornyVery sexually excited.
Horse HungAbove average cock size.
HostHave someone over to your place for sex i.e. "I can host".
HumiliationThe act of embarrassing or shaming a sexual partner for pleasure.
HummerOral sex.
HungWell endowed, having a large cock. IE - I'm really well hung.
HustlerEscort, someone who has sex in exchange for money.


ISOIs Seeking Out, IE - Good looking guy ISO other good-looking guys.
ImpotenceThe inability to get or maintain an erection.
IncestSex between people within the same family.
IntercourseFucking, penetration (anal).
InterracialA coupling of two people from different racial backgrounds.


Jack off, Jerk off, JOMasturbate, stroke your own cock with your hands.
Jizz, Jism Cum, ejaculate.
JO BuddyA guy you regularly jack off with.
Jock An athletic, muscular or well-built guy, or short for jockstrap.
JockstrapA covering for the cock and balls, has two leg straps and leaves the butt exposed.


Kink, KinkySexual preferences or behaviours that are considered to be 'out of the ordinary.'


LTRLong-term relationship.
LevitraA drug prescribed for erectile dysfunction, sometimes taken by gay men to improve and pro-long erections during sexual encounters.
LibidoSex drive. IE - he had a very high libido.
LoadCum, ejaculate.
Lube, Lubricant A liquid applied to the cock and ass before anal or other sex to reduce friction and make penetration easier, safer and more comfortable.
Lucky Pierre Fucking someone in the ass, and getting fucked in the ass at the same time. Lucky Pierre is the guy in the middle of a three-way.


M2M, M4MMale to Male, Male for Male.
M8Mate, buddy, friend.
MFMale/female, as in a male/female couple.
MMMarried man.
MOMutual Oral, when two partners provide oral to each other not necessarily at the exact same time.
MtF, M2Ftrans woman; male to female transgender or transsexual person (assigned male at birth, identifies as female some or all of the time). MtFs may or may not be on hormones &/or have had surgery.
Masc, MasculineA gay man whose lifestyle resembles one of a straight man.
Masochist, MasochismThe sexual enjoyment of pain, torture, abuse etc.
MasseurSomeone who provides massage services for a fee, may or may not include erotic services.
MasterDominant man in a BDSM scene or relationship, the top or dom.
MasturbateJerk off, stimulate the penis with your hands.
Menage a troisSex between three people.
Milking Jerking/fucking a guy until he squirts every last drop of cum, can include the forced ejaculation caused by stimulating the prostate.
Missionary PositionThe sexual position where one guy (or woman) lies on their back and the other person lies on top and fucks them.
Money Shot Cum shot, generally a porn term, the scene where the porn star shoots his load is referred to as the ""money shot.""
Muscle BottomA jock/built guy who likes to take it up the ass.
Muscle MaryA guy who is really into his own physique.
Mutual MasturbationWhen two (or more) guys jerk each other off.


NGI Not gay identified.
NRR No reciprocation required, when someone wants to suck you off or please you without expecting you to do anything in return.
NSNo strings, sex without any obligation or expectations. IE - Seeking NS sex.
NSANo strings attached, sex without any obligation or expectations. IE - Seeking NSA sex.
Naturist, NaturismSomeone who enjoys being nude; the enjoyment of being nude.
No recipNo reciprocation required, when someone wants to suck you off or please you without expecting you to do anything in return.
Nocturnal EmissionsWet dreams, ejaculating in your sleep.
Nonoxynol-9A spermicide that was once used heavily in contraceptives to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. It is now believed to increase risk because it can weaken latex condoms.
Novice, NewbieSomeone who's new to the scene.
Nude BeachA public beach where clothing isn't worn, frequently a cruising spot.
Nude Nudist A nudist who has no body hair.
NymphomaniacSomeone who is obsessed with or consumed by sex.


OTROver the road, IE - long distance trucker.
Open MindedWilling to try things that are 'out of the ordinary'.
Open RelationshipA couple who is in a relationship with one another, but have sex with others outside of the relationship.
Oral SexStimulating the penis with the mouth, lips, tongue, throat etc.
OrgasmTo climax, cum.
OrgyA sex party, sex involving lots of guys at once.
OrganPenis, cock.
OtterA very hairy guy with a small build, much smaller than a bear.


PA Prince Albert; piercing in the head of the penis.
PNP (Party N' Play) - Using drugs and having sex at the same time.
PPRSSee 'poppers'.
Papia sexy Latino or Black man, Spanish for Daddy.
Party And Play - See 'PNP'.
PassableA term used to describe how convincingly cross dressers, transvestites etc. can 'pass' or appear as the opposite sex. IE - I'm a very passable shemale.
PassiveThe receptive partner during sex, a guy who prefers to be topped.
Pearl NecklaceEjaculating on the chest or neck.
PenetrationWhen a cock enters a guy's asshole.
Penis - Dick, cock.
Phone SexEngaging in sexual chat over the phone, often while one or both people jack off.
PigA gay man who frequently indulges in hardcore, raunchy, often bareback hard-core sex.
Pig PlayExtremely raunchy, hardcore sexual action involving sweat, shit, spit, piss, etc.
Pissplay (Watersports, PP)Getting sexual pleasure from urinating on a partner, or being urinated on in a sexual scene.
Pitching, PitcherTopping, someone who tops.
PlayA sexual scene; or getting together for sex. IE - looking for SM play; or looking to play this morning.
Polar BearA big hairy guy whose fur has turned white or gray.
PolyamorousHaving more than one relationship at a time, with all parties aware and consenting to being involved.
Poppers (Amyl, amyl nitrite, PPRS) A drug (it usually comes in small bottles) that is inhaled through the nose to relax you and increase your pleasure. Often used during anal sex.
PornFilms, videos, images, etc. of sexually explicit acts for the purpose of viewing for sexual pleasure.
Power BottomA dominant bottom. Someone who likes to be in control while receiving anal sex.
Pre-cumClear fluid secreted from the cock when a guy is sexually aroused, before orgasm/ejaculation. Is generally thought to lubricate the movement of the penis. Pre-cum amounts can vary greatly from guy to guy.
PozHIV positive.
PrEP Pre-exposure prophylaxis - pills taken to prevent HIV.
Premature Ejaculation A lack of control over orgasm, when a guy ejaculates quickly during sex, or before he or his partner want him to.
Priapism A hard cock that does not go soft for over 4 hours. Can often be painful and medically dangerous.
Prince AlbertPA; piercing in the head of the penis.
ProstateA gland in the male asshole that can be very pleasurable when massaged or stimulated during fucking.
Pump, PumpingA cylinder placed over the penis, attached to a pump that creates suction within the cylinder, used by men who want to enlarge the size of their cock. Can also mean, the act of thrusting your cock.
Pud Cock, dick.
Puppy PlayBehaving and being treated like a puppy. Usually occurs in sexual role-play scenarios.


QueerAn umbrella term for anyone who is not totally straight or heterosexual.
QuickieSex with the purpose of cumming quickly without foreplay.


RRReciprocation required.
RACKRisk Aware Consensual Kink, all involved parties are aware of any potential risks of their sexual interactions and agree to participate.
Raw, Raw Sex Raunchy and/or bareback, usually refers to unprotected fucking.
RedAny sex play involving blood.
Reach aroundWhen someone is fucking your ass and reaches in front to stroke your cock at the same time.
Reciprocation, RecipRepayment of a sexual act.
RentboyA guy who provides sexual favours for money.
RestraintsAny device used to confine someone. Usually cuffs or anklets used for BDSM play.
RimmingEating/licking ass.
Role PlayDressing up, or pretending to be someone else during sex.
Rough TradeA butch, working class guy who has sex with other guys for money.
Rubber A condom.
Rusty Trombone When someone rims your ass and reaches around to stroke your cock at the same time.


SMSadism and Masochism. Sexual play involving pain and/or torture for pleasure.
SP, S&P Salt and pepper, having mixed dark and grey hair.
SSCSafe, sane, consensual.
STDSexually transmitted disease.
STISexually transmitted infection.
Str8(Straight) Heterosexual.
SadismGetting pleasure, sometimes sexual, from inflicting pain.
SadistA guy who enjoys sadism. See above.
Safe WordA code word, other than 'no', used in BDSM scenes to end the scene.
Safer Sex A sexual exchange where precautions are taken to protect the health of participants.
SantorumThat frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.
SaunaA steam room often used for cruising. Usually found in gyms and health clubs. "Going to the sauna" generally means going to a men's or gay establishment of which the steamroom is only a small part, a pretext.
ScallyA UK term for a guy who is uneducated and working class. Also can be used to describe something unclean or dirty.
ScarfingTying something like a scarf around the neck to restrict blood flow and increase the sensation of masturbation.
Scat Shit, feces.
ScrotumBall sack.
ScubaA sexual position where a guy sits on another guys face, puts his butt cheeks over the eye sockets, and his balls in the other guy's mouth.
Seal A hairy, skinny guy.
Seed, SeedingSperm, breeding, bareback.
SemenCum, jizz, sperm.
Semi, Semi HardonPartially erect dick.
Sensation PlayA form of sexual play, often in BDSM, that explores touch. May involve, tickling, the use of silk, feathers, etc.
SexAny sensual activity, or the categories female and male.
Sex toys Any equipment or accessories designed to make sexual play more interesting or pleasurable.
Shaft The long, pole-like part of a cock.
ShemaleA woman who socially presents as a woman and also has a cock.
ShootEjaculate, cum.
ShrimpingToe sucking, or sucking freshly deposited cum out of a guy's ass.
SissyAn unapologetically effeminate gay man.
Size QueenAttracted to and enamored by large cocks.
Sixty-nine (69)Two guys sucking each other's cocks at the same time.
Skull FuckThe act of forcefully thrusting your cock into a partner's mouth while grabbing his head.
SlaveBDSM term for bottom or sub.
Sling A swing, often made of leather, suspended from the ceiling with chains or rope. Used for sexual pleasure.
SlurprampA structure for standing on which is designed to elevate a guy so that his dick is at mouth level, and other guys can walk up and suck him off.
SmegmaThe substance that can gather under a guy's foreskin, often having a strong smell and taste.
SmoothieSomeone with no pubic hair.
SnowballAfter you cum in a guy's mouth, he kisses you and deposits your wad in your mouth.
SodomyAnal sex.
SoloTo masturbate.
Sounds, SoundingStainless steel tubes designed to be inserted in a guy's urethra for pleasure or pain.
SpankingSlapping a guy's ass with your open hand.
Spit RoastedBeing face fucked and ass fucked at the same time.
Sploshingthe act of eating food off of or out of body parts.
SpunkCum, jizz.
StatsStatistics comprised of age, weight, cock size, eye colour, etc.
Steam RoomA high humidity room usually found in health clubs or sports facilities. Can be a good place to cruise.
Straight Looking / ActingMasculine, macho, not effeminate. A guy who does not in any way appear to be gay.
Strap on A harness and plastic cock that can be used for penetration.
Submissive, subA guy who gives over his desires and his body to another in BDSM play. Can be a slave or a bottom.
SwallowTo ingest cum. Not to spit it out after a guy cums in your mouth.
Switch. Switch hitterCan mean any of the following: guy who is willing to be a dom or a sub; a bottom or a top; fuck or get fucked. Can also refer to a guy who will have sex with either men or women.


TasP Treatment as Prevention. You have HIV but are undetectable and can’t transmit the virus.
TasP and condoms Treatment as Prevention and condoms. HIV untransmittable and using condoms to prevent other STIs.
TFTag Fucking, one top takes turns fucking more than one bottom, or vice versa, many tops take turns fucking one bottom.
TT Tit torture.
TaintThe spot between a guy's asshole and his balls.
TeabaggingLowering your balls into a guy's mouth.
Tea RoomA toilet or change room where guys cruise for sex.
Threesome, 3some, 3-wayA group of three people having sex together.
TokensSpecial coins you purchase at an Adult Video/Book Store or Arcade. Usually you are required to deposit them inside the booths in order to view porn.
Top A guy who likes to fuck other guys rather than be fucked.
Tossing the saladRimming someone while reaching around to jerk them off.
TrainA group of guys waiting in line to have sex with one guy, or, a group of guys fucking simultaneously, one guy fucks the guy in front of him, while he fucks the guy in front of him, and so on.
TrannyTranssexual, transvestite.
Tranny ChaserA person who prefers to have sex with transsexual or transgender people.
Transgender, Trans A broad term that refers to people who don't conform to gender norms.
TranssexualA person who identifies as the opposite gender to the one given to them at birth.
Transvestite, TVA cross dresser, a person who dresses and acts in a style or manner traditionally associated with the opposite gender.
Trans fag an FtM who's into guys.
Trans guy, Trans manFtM, F2M; female to male transgender or transsexual person (assigned female at birth, identifies as male some or all of the time). FtMs may or may not be on hormones &/or have had surgery.
Trans womanMtF, M2F; male to female transgender or transsexual person (assigned male at birth, identifies as female some or all of the time). MtFs may or may not be on hormones &/or have had surgery.
TrollA guy who deliberately posts a controversial or inciting message on a message board for the purpose of creating conflict. Also, a very persistent, usually unappealing guy who's out looking for action and can't take no for an answer.
Tuck, tuckedWhen the penis and testes are pushed back through the legs, this can give the impression of female genitalia.
Turkey Slap, "The Turkey"Slapping a man in the face with your cock.
TwinkA boyish looking younger gay man.


UB2You be too. ie. I'm hung like a horse, you be too.
UC Uncut.
UPUrethral Play, inserting objects into the piss slit of the cock for pleasure.
UncutUncircumcised, a guy with his foreskin intact.
Under the Stall ActionSexual activity in a public bathroom that occurs between guys in separate stalls, they bend and reach below the bathroom-stall wall.
UnloadShoot your wad, cum.
Urethral Play, UP inserting objects into the piss slit of the cock for pleasure.


VDVenereal Disease
VGLVery good looking.
V-SafeVery safe, IE Always play V-safe.
VanillaConventional, traditional sexual activities, the opposite of kinky.
VasectomyA medical procedure that prevents sperm from leaving the body through the penis.
Versatile, VS, VSTA guy who can bottom or top.
ViagraA drug used to treat erectile dysfunction.
VibratorA sex toy used for pleasure.
Video RoomA room in a bathhouse or sauna where you can watch porn.
VirginSomeone who's never had sex.
Vitamin X, Vitamin E Ecstasy.
VoyeurA guy who is sexually stimulated by watching others.


WHWell hung.
WadLoad, one ejaculation
WankJerk, stroke, masturbate.
WatersportsSexual play involving piss.
Well hungHas a big cock.
WhoreSlut, someone who has a lot of sex or who charges for sex
WiredHigh, a term for someone who is on drugs
WolfA very aggressive and dominant otter.
WoofA term used to describe someone as sexy/attractive.
WoodyHard-on, erection.


X-RatedLewd, obscene or pornographic.
XXXA rating that means very explicit or pornographic.


YOYounger/Older, inter-generational play.
YellowAny sex play involving pissing, urine.
YiffAny kind of affection or physical contact between 'furry' guys.


Z BagSlapping your testicles on the back of someone's head.