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Ever wondered what it would be like pushing your hard cock through a glory hole and have it serviced by an anonymous cum-hungry dude begging for your load?

Well, why stop at this being your hot, wet fantasy? Unlike the usual gay scene filled with gay bars, dating sites, or other gay hangouts near you, glory holes preserve the age-old kink of having your mouth or cock abused by someone you don’t ever see.

Taking load after load in a community restroom near a London tube or a Missouri bargain store and never knowing who you’re servicing (or servicing you) is one thrill you should never deprive.

With hundreds of cruising listings, so you can find the closest, hottest or busiest gay hookup spot, means men seeking men can drop their load with satisfaction. Find the nearest local glory holes with our top-notch glory hole finder.

What Is a Gay Glory Hole?

If you see yourself as a fuck machine that craves for your hole to be used and abused, a glory hole is one perfect way to spread a smile on your face, as well as your legs.

Generally, a glory hole is a hole that has been made in a toilet cubicle - big enough so that the guy on one side of the wall can stick his cock through so that the guy on the other side of the wall can suck or fuck himself on it.

So if you skipped the spa but need a facial or just feel like you’re missing out on a healthy daily intake of protein on your tongue but don’t have time for names and games, a local rest stop, washroom, or mall toilet, can fix that in an instant.

How Do I Find a Glory Hole?

Meeting local gay men for some glory hole fun doesn’t take a wizard. You can find gay gloryholes in toilets or locker rooms - where guys are getting changed or getting their dicks out and where men seeking men might partake in some action.

Whether it’s single men, LGBTQ people and guys, or those who don’t think of sexual orientation labels when getting off, public toilets are a popular place to find a glory hole - the more anonymous the encounter, the better.

If you wanted to get your cock sucked, you used to have to go in search of a glory hole, but now does all of the work for you. has listings of popular glory hole locations around the world. So as a local native, gay traveler or someone who just needs a lunchtime release with a stranger, can connect you to the right fella who wants what you do.

Wherever you are, whether you’re a local or just visiting, will help you find the nearest glory hole where an anonymous cum-eater will be eager for your load.

Who Is Sucking My Cock at a Glory Hole?

One of the thrills of a gay glory hole is that you’re never really sure who is on the other side of the wall. All sorts of guys like to use a glory hole to get their cock sucked or to suck a cock.

It could be a gay daddy running some errands at the local mall or a gay single businessman on his lunch break needing to relieve some stress before getting back to the office grind. Or, it could be someone on the down-low wanting to keep it anonymous but needing to scratch that itch. has members worldwide - there are thousands of guys out there all looking for some man-on-man action, and a gay glory hole is always a popular option.

How Do I Signal I’m Interested?

If you’re fresh out of a long term relationship or just new to the glory hole experience, once you’re in a toilet cubicle that has a glory hole in the wall, you need to let the guy on the other side know that you’re both looking for the same thing.

There are two universal signals. One is to put your finger through the glory hole. Run your finger around the hole, or tap it lightly, anything so that the guy on the other side of the wall can see that you’re keen for some action.

The other signal you could use is to tap your foot close to the cubicle wall. Pushing your foot under the cubicle wall or tapping the wall attracts the other guy’s attention and gives him the green light to wrap his lips around your cock when you push it through the glory hole.

Make the most of the glory hole listings on and find out where you can find your closest glory hole and an eager cock-sucker, or taker, who wants to taste your load.

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