• Market Bosworth Park

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    • City: Hinckley
    • Neighbourhood: Market Bosworth/ Hinckley
    • Address: Bosworth Road
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  • Description: A large public park, large open area with a lake and a wood. Can get busy midday if the weather is nice but only in the open area. There is also a public toilet building next to the car park which is situated by the road that goes through Market Bosworth. If you follow the path which leads you through the woods you will go around the lake, at the end of the lake there is an extra section to the path which isn't used as much, follow this path and before you curve round and head back to the open area, you can either go into a thicker patch of wood or jump over the fence or gate and go into a field which is very isolated and perfect for guys who love to get loud and dirty outdoors.