• Langdon Hills Country Park

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    • City: Basildon
    • Neighbourhood: Nr Basildon Hospital
    • Address: Dry Street and One Tree Hill
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  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: If the woods have now been chopped down there is nowhere to go if you are parked on the Memorial Church car park. Carry on driving past this car park (on your left) and about half a mile away there is a Langdon hills car park on your right. There is a public toilet there which is great for cottaging fun. Busy all day and great after work for van drivers and suits. Stand at the urinals playing with your cock. As usual, be discreet as whilst the toilets are quiet, there are dog walkers and families that use the park.

    Lots of places to go in the main park. Very busy in the summer months where anything goes.