• Shotgate Farm

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    • City: Wickford
    • Neighbourhood: Wickford
    • Address: Alicia Walk
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  • Rating: 5 Rating: 5 star 100
  • Description: Larges Shurbland Area. Lots of action early evening mid week, best to prearrange things outside of this. Very quiet from 5pm on wards unlikely to be disturbed. Few dog walkers, but they tend to be looking for fun and using dog as cover. Lots of places to hide away although most prefer the bushed on the center path. Following the center park takes you to another field, follow this to under the A130, lots of crusing action here from young people, but also some undesirables. Coming back from the A130 if you stick to the path and follow straight down you come to a railway arch, some action here but mostly good for prearranged meets when its wet out. Just before the arch and to the left is a large camp thing built by kids but largely unused now, a very good place esp during the day as its completely secluded, go through the arch way and you reach Giddings corpse a small wooded area, pitch black and can be lots of fun, almost like a dark room. the car park for Giddings Copse is also a brilliant place for meets if you have a car you will not be disturbed from 6ish on wards, Don't be afraid to explore, following the pathways from the entrance lead you to two more fields and a ten minute walk takes you towards the A130 and a fourth field.