• The Ponds

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    • City: Camden
    • Neighbourhood: Parliament Hill Fields
    • Address: 32-38 Millfield Ln
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: The Ponds have been a Male Institution for well over a century. It is the site of an old gravel pit with ducks and swans, through which the River Strand flows (merely a small trickle at this stage). There was always a tradition of nude sunbathing, but in recent years, about a third of the area has been partitioned off for nude only use, the remainder being used for changing purposes or clad sunbathing. The location could not possibly be called idyllic, being a concreted area in an ugly compound, but nevertheless "fun" and contact can be "had". This is especially true, as you are packed in like sardines - if the thought of "very" close proximity to a nude male appeals to you - then The Ponds are for you!

    Facilities: The fee for using the area is £2 with a pay machine so you need change, although a lot of people seem not to bother paying but that maybe because they have a season ticket.