• University of London - Senate House Library

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    • City: Camden
    • Neighbourhood: Camden
    • Address: Malet Street
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  • Description: Depending whether you come from Russel Sq or Malet Street the side you turn will matter. However go through the car park, again no one will bother you as this a bit of a walkaway shortcut for most of Londoners. Once your in the main foyer turn into the building that says SENATE HOUSE. Not the Slavonic Institute. You wont be bothered for ID. Once your past the revolving door just turn left and head towards the stairs. Simple as.

    There are also more sets of toilets past the cafe. Go in past reception, and go to either the left or right hand side of the large staircase ahead of you. Turn through the double doors just before you reach the cafe. Go down the corridor, through some more double doors to the staircase. There are toilets on alternate levels. 2nd and 3rd floors to the right of the cafe are the busiest