• A40 Layby near Junction 1

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    • City: Hillingdon
    • Neighbourhood: Uxbridge
    • Address: Western Avenue (A40).
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  • Description: This is a layby on the eastbound A40, Western Avenue, just after it ceases to be the M40. No cruising occurs in the layby itself, so park here and walk to top of layby and pass through a gateway and down a slope. From this point onwards, you cannot be seen by motorists on the A40 above. At bottom of slope, either turn left and cruise the overgrown footpaths or walk straight on to a vast area that is the arches underneath the A40 roadbridge. Cruising occurs amongst the many arches of the road bridge, along the footpaths and in the surrounding dense undergrowth. Has a very sleazy feel with the heavily graffiti-ed concrete and gloomy atmosphere.