• Wanstead Flats Park

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    • City: Redbridge
    • Neighbourhood: Aldersbrook
    • Address: Centre Road
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: At the corner of Aldersbrook Road and Central Road begins Wanstead Flats, a large open area of scrub, light woods and pine clumps. The specific gay cruising area is shown on the map in the pictures section - located in the northwest corner of Wanstead Flats. The cruising area consists of a 30-metre deep lightly wooded area; several large, very dense pine clumps and many 'dens' within the bushes. A very discreet and safe-feeling atmosphere; always someone around even in winter. Good old-fashioned, friendly East End cruising.
    Busiest time are afternoons and just before dark. Busy all year round but especially so in the summer months, with some nude sunbathing in bushes. Less claustrophobic and threatening than Whipps Cross, not as busy as Whipps Cross but better sex to be had here.