Hook up with hot gay men at North Wirral Coastal Park in Birkenhead
  • North Wirral Coastal Park

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    • City: Birkenhead
    • Neighbourhood: New Brighton
    • Address: Green Lane
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  • Description: Bushes have been cut right back so people need to get out of cars and walk further through the park. The trees have been cut back a lot by the first carparks(2). Nowhere to cruise on that side, best to avoid for the time being and go on the top or by the golf course. Two photos added to show the area which leads to the private area where cruising goes on, this is facing the golf course. Bushes have all grown back for the summer months.

    People need to get out of their cars and walk into the park, cruising doesn't go on in car parks.

    Walk through the gates from the car park, a minute walk and turn left into the bushy area, thus is where men wait for fun.