• Infusion

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    • City: Blackpool
    • Neighbourhood: North Shore
    • Address: 22-24 General Street
  • Viewed: 28352
  • Rating: 2 Rating: 2 star 100
  • Description: Infusion is a mixed sex club in Central Blackpool that welcomes gay and bisexual men plus couples, TV./CD (Tgirls) and women daytimes between 11am and 8pm. The majority of visitors daytime are gay or bisexual men or gay/bisexual TV/CDs who want man-on-man sex. No membership required.

    After 8pm it is a mixed swingers club that welcomes all sexes and is not predominantly gay.

    Entry fees are £10 daytimes.

    Venue Features:

    Ground floor: Heated indoor swimming pool, pool bar serving tea/coffee, soft drinks and food, jacuzzi and chill out lounge, sauna room, darkroom cruising area

    Upper floor: Four lockable themed private Playrooms, Orgy room (semi-open), Fetish Dungeon Room, three inter-linked glory hole cabins and nearby voyeur seating area. Also at one end is the main locker room, shower, WC/toilets and make-up area for TV/CD.