• Knutsford Services

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    • City: Knutsford
    • Neighbourhood: Knutsford
    • Address: M6 and Junction 19
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  • Description: Southbound toilets are shaped as an "L"; one arm having cubicles on opposite walls and the other having a run of urinals (without separators) down one wall and a run of basins along the other. Positioned correctly (turned slightly to the right - 1 o'clock position) when using any of the urinals, you are completely visible to those entering - if their eyes linger or return to your dick, you're probably on. Alternatively, keep a watch for someone hovering near the entrance trying to get a second look. Showers are external and need a key. Northbound toilets have two sets of urinals, none of which have separators; one run along the far wall and a second around a corner with cubicles opposite. The basins are in the centre. When entering the toilets, the first urinal in the run of urinals to the left will give you a clear view in the mirror of anyone entering. Conversely, they'll have an almost clear view of you (and your dick). The second circle of basins will also give a clear linear view of the same run of urinals, as will the hand-dryer located on the corner wall adjacent to this row of urinals.