• Pennington Flash Country Park

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    • City: Leigh
    • Neighbourhood: Pennington
    • Address: 38 Lodge Road
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: During the day there is a small charge for parking. The park is very vast with many wooded areas throughout that are suitable for meeting. By the main car park there is a ranger building that houses the public toilets. The park is used by a wide range of people, families, dog walkers, sailors, cruisers, golf players. Etc. Care needs to be taken during the day due to the varieties of users. During the evening/dusk/night it is best to park in the small car park, close to the main entrance. The majority of cruisers meet here and head either into the woods around the car park o take a short walk to the bridge that goes under the road and head into the wooded area there. Police checks are carried out but these are very few and far between.