• Small Cuerden Car Park

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    • City: Preston
    • Neighbourhood: Bamber Bridge
    • Address: Wigan Road
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: Nature reserve car park, one of several around Cuerden Valley park, probably the crusiest but also risky, the place is used by dog walkers but can offer lots of cover during the summer months. Cuerden Valley Park is a local Nature reserve with several popular car parks.

    There are three main car parks where the cruising takes place. The smallest car park has room for around 6 cars and is the busiest. It is busy most evenings, often beyond midnight. Most people just get out of their cars and play in the parking area. Others will walk off into the woods and expect to be followed.

    The main car park which is split into two, is heavily used by the public and dog walkers so this one is only really popular after dark. Most cruising takes place in the trees and on surrounding paths. It's is rare fun happens in the car park itself. It can be seen from the road and has lots of passing traffic.

    The third popular car park, is located close to the hall itself and most one to one meets happen here. The best place to meet is on one of the more popular car parks and drive here to play. If you want spectators and group fun then play in view of other lads.

    There are several signs stating pay and display is expected 24 hours a day. This is not the case as the car parks are not patrolled in the evenings.