• Chobham Place Woods

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    • City: Chertsey
    • Neighbourhood: Chobham
    • Address: Valley End Road
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This is a very remote and secluded car park, off Valley End Road. Enter the car park by driving under the height restriction bar and park up. Walk back, cross Valley End Road and follow the sandy trail between the yellow gorse bushes onto the heath. Once past the wooden bench and the notice board, head down into the woods. There is a labyrinth of trails and places that are all used for sex. You cannot be seen.
    There is a further small parking area just around the corner in chestnut Lane if you wish to avoid the less discreet main parking area. There is space for 4 cars and when the car park is full of car sitters some choose to meet here. If you pull into the main car park turn around and exit, but wait at the exit and flash your brake lights while indicating left, this is a signal to be followed. When parked in chestnut lane walk up the hill into the bushes on the right and you will find it drops down in to a sheltered area. The fun happens at the bottom behind a huge tree trunk or up behind it on a sort of mezzanine level. You can hear and see people entering from here. Some times you will find small groups here, especially if the cars are empty. This area is used day times as it is very quiet and free from dog walkers.