• A336 Layby

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    • City: Totton
    • Neighbourhood: Bartley
    • Address: A336 Opposite Bourne Road Between Cadnam & Netley Marsh
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  • Description: This is a lay-by on the A336 opposite Bourne Road near Bartley (between Cadnam & Netley Marsh). Despite there not being any facilities here it is very popular as an overnight truck stop during the week. The drivers use the nearby Haywane pub/restaurant for their meals and liquid refreshment. Alongside the surfaced layby there is quite a thick wooded area which is used for cruising, pathways can be seen leading into the woods. This layby gets quite busy late afternoon during the winter or dusk in the summer with both trucks and cars. The trucks normally stay all night. Activity has been seen in the wooded area as well as in the vehicles. If you are planning to cruise the woods at night ensure you have a torch otherwise you will break your neck.