• Goring Gap

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    • City: Worthing
    • Neighbourhood: Ferring
    • Address: Marine Drive
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  • Description: This liston is a little out of date: Most of the action now takes place in two copses of trees North of the coast road (Marine Drive) known as 'The Cabbage Patch', but labeled as 'The Plantation' on Google maps. Guys park up on the roads surrounding it, on Marine Drive but particularly Amberley Drive. The first copse of trees is directly across the road from the cottage described in this listing. The second is located in a field north of Amberley Drive, this is very quiet, with lots of cover, and great for undisturbed fun. Very few guys cruise the cottage anymore as the (fake dummy) cctv installed by the council puts them off. Most cruisers park up on Marine Drive and walk into the copse or park up on Amberley Drive and play in car or walk into the woods.