Hook up with hot gay men at The Greenhouse in Walsall
  • The Greenhouse

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    • City: Walsall
    • Neighbourhood: Darlaston
    • Address: 6126 Willenhall Road
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This place has a specially built room with 6 glory hole cubicles (2 rows of 3, back to back). Therefore, each cubicle is linked to at least 2 other cubicles and the 2 center cubicles (1 each side) are linked to 3 cubicles. The cubicles can accommodate 3 guys (4 at a push) if they wish to join each other in the cubicles. The only drawback is the fact that the elongated holes are too low for guys over 6' tall and they have to crouch a little to get their cocks through. Other than that, perfect. 50p for condoms and lube.
    The Greenhouse is a friendly environment to enjoy and explore. Facilities include - Swimming Pool, Large Jacuzzi, 2 Steam Rooms, Sauna, Smoking Terrace, and Sun Terrace for those lovely days! - and not to mention the many private and cinema rooms! Car Parking is free - with 3 large car parks. Come along and find out why this is the best Sauna in Midlands 2023! Condoms and lube are no longer free. Hotel accommodation is available here including breakfast!