• Dublin City University Henry Grattan Building

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    • City: Dublin
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    • Address: Ballymum Road
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  • Description: Go to Henry Grattan building, 2nd floor and go to toilets beside room C206. Two cubicles with peephole right in the middle of the partition, giving both a great view. In the cubicle furthest from the door, there are two more peepholes which look right onto the urinals, so you get to watch the straight lads piss.

    Facilities: Ground floor of Henry Grattan building. From 'Registry' end, walk through Atrium, towards far end of building. About 2/3 way down corridor (just after the lifts) (door # CG57) the toilets are on theleft. If its busy some action is to be had in the toilets at the far end of that corridor: toilets are on your right as you turn the corner.
    Go to Henry Grattan Building, Ground Floor and go to toilets beside CG60. Across from CG12. Two cubicles with a gloryhole in the partition.
    The gloryhole in the ground floor toilets is gone.