• Zoltus

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    • City: Okinawa
    • Neighbourhood: Naha
    • Address: Highway 58
  • Viewed: 9141
  • Rating: 5 Rating: 5 star 100
  • Description: Zoltus is the most popular gay bathhouse in Okinawa. It is located in a 4 story building on Hwy 58 near Sams's Steakhouse and a small CoCo Curry House. When you enter take off your shoes. You will see a soda machine where you can buy lube for 500 yen and it is also nice because you can get change since some drinks are only 50 yen. In front of you will be a large board with numbers on it. There will be towels with numbers on them also. Pick up a towel and then put 1500 yen in the slot that matches the number on the towel. There is not an attendant but they have a camera and will call you back if you don't pay. The floor you enter on is the main lobby with a TV playing regular TV cable. Upstairs is Zoltus with gay video showing younger guys and it has glory holes. Downstairs is G-Mix showing older movies also with glory holes. Both floors have free private rooms with locks on them. They also both have a big room where you lay down with other guys.