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    • City: Christchurch
    • Neighbourhood: Philipstown
    • Address: 427 Tuam Street
  • Viewed: 404833
  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This venue is really world-class! Clean, light in the right areas and dark in the others. Great steam and sauna rooms with a great spa. All cruising areas on the second floor and very nice, the sling room is worth a note with a window overlooking the spa! Air-conditioned to a comfortable temp no matter what you are wearing. Well worth a visit.
    Unlimited condoms and lube. Also, shop selling sex toys.

    There are multiple glory holes, one GH room with two closeable doors (and televised porn), one terrace area with two raised GH (each with porn televised), and a GH at a low level of that terrace area, plus a GH downstairs in the wank room. Total 5 GHs!