Hook up with hot gay men at Karaka Landing in Papakura
  • Karaka Landing

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    • City: Papakura
    • Neighbourhood: Karaka
    • Address: 370 Hingaia Rd
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  • Description: Area is consists of a 2 public lockable toilets with view holes about 6ft high. If interested in some action stand on the loo and look through the holes at cars parked near by. If anyone sitting in cars is interested they'll look back and approach the loo. Unlock the door and let the fun begin.

    At night the toilets are locked. In this case there is a small park behind the loos with two park benches at waist height. Perfect height for someone to lay back on or lean over. It is dark. At night park up next to the park on the left, just short of the loos. Walk into the park and if someone else keen is there they will follow.