Hook up with hot gay men at Public Toilets Under I-Site in Whakatane
  • Public Toilets Under I-Site

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    • City: Whakatane
    • Neighbourhood: CBD
    • Address: 2 Kakahoroa Drive
  • Viewed: 34540
  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: The public toilet is located below the Whakatane I-Site and is a popular cruising spot during the day although it can be hit and miss. There are 2 toilets next to each other and a urinal in the corner. At the moment there's no way of checking each other out like the peep hole method. Have to arrange a meet on here or be risky and straight up ask them if they're keen. If you like what you see you can sneak into each others stall to get it on. Be careful not to get caught as the public often use this toilet also. There is also a urinal, but this is a no cruising zone in this particular toilet block.