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A Mouthful of Swedish Meatballs

Gothenburg's sprawling landscape and high population means there's that many more gorgeous gay and bisexual men like yourself looking to hookup. However, traveling in a big city means you can end up foraging through tons of spots (and ample physiques) only to come up empty-handed. takes care of the groundwork to find you the absolute best places to cruise and hookup so that you don't have to. After all, you're looking to release frustration, not gain it. Several gay clubs abound like the iconic Castro, which features some kinky, leather-themed events if that kind of thing wets your whistle, Nattklub and more.

Sailors Aren't the Only Thing You'll Be ‘Climbing’

More and more venues are popping up throughout Gothenburg that cater to the prominent gay and bisexual male population. There's no doubt that Gothenburg offers the utmost in nightlife, but how do you find the right place for you? Squirt will use your specific preferences to find the perfect location whether you're looking for a blonde and blue-eyed lover, a doe-eyed twink, a brusque bear or whatever you happen to be in the mood for. Remember, Gothenburg is a prime spot for tourism, so if you're interested in mixing a little culture into your hookup, there's plenty of opportunity to spice things up. Squirt gets you the info so that you can get going.

A Squirt in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bedroom

Squirt’s mobile-optimized version of the site, makes heading out and hooking up as easy as the guys you plan to encounter. Once you're set on a spot, Squirt will beam directions to your phone, offering a precise play-by-play on how to get to your hot spot, whether it's a club, bathhouse or anything in between. Did someone say glory hole?

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