Hook up with hot gay men at Steamworks Berkeley in Berkeley
  • Steamworks Berkeley

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    • City: Berkeley
    • Neighbourhood: West Berkeley
    • Address: 2107 4th Street
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  • Rating: 4 Rating: 4 star 100
  • Description: This is the legendary original location of the standard-setting bathhouse chain. It's clean, modern and masculine here. This spot has private rooms, which are not available at any other club in San Francisco, and public play areas. There are also special events and play parties.

    Lockers start at $19 on weekdays and $24 on weekends, with rooms starting at $27 on weekdays and $32 on weekends. The large room sizes and up offer USB charging stations, in-room lockers, and the add-on option of room sex slings. All rentals are for 8 hours, there are currently no renewals after 8 hours. Membership packages are offered, as are one-time DL entries. Free latex lubed and dry condoms are available. Vending machines with food, drinks, jockstraps, sandals, c-rings, Magnums, and lube are on site. There's no smoking inside the building, and no drugs or booze. Safe sex is heavily stressed, but there are no sex police. This spot has a live DJ on Thursdays and Sundays.