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    • City: Lodi
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    • Address: 203 North Houston Lane
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  • Description: Cruisy ABS. On my evening visit Forest Lawn would have busier during the same time period. It's not hard to understand why. One largish rectangular room, over lit, with stark white walls. At the back five small forlorn video cabins. All completely open, no door of any size. Fixed seats. Of course no glory holes.
    Granted this set up could be overcome by most - givers and takers. But there is one further fly in the
    ointment, the mirrors mentioned previously are gone, replaced by cameras. While watching a flick
    one choice was a closed circuit film (not live) of various me attempting to hook up, but thwarted, and hurriedly jipping up and leaving. As video had no sound so may or may not have been management advising them.