• White Slough Wildlife Reserve

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    • City: Lodi
    • Neighbourhood: Lodi
    • Address: West Side Freeway
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  • Description: Large park area with paths , lakes and streams. At the end of the road where the gate is there will be two ways to go....beyond the gate to the left you'll see a slough or lake usually occupied by fisherman or people running their dogs.

    Straight ahead though is a wide swath that looks like it was run through by a large truck. This was done to access high wires carrying electricity. In the process the original path was opened up quite a bit from 1-2 feet wide in places to the width of a Caterpillar tractor making it easier to walk the entire length of the path ending at another slough about 200 yards from the gate. Along the oath there are many places especially to hide and do the deed while still being able to see the gate you came from to monitor incoming. As mentioned before common sense is the rule.