• Not Too Naughty

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    • City: San Leandro
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    • Address: 15670 East 14th Street
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  • Rating: 3 Rating: 3 star 100
  • Description: Weekday lunchtime or shortly after (around 1:30pm-3pm) or weekend nights are best for action. They just renovated, so no more glory holes. But, the booths are larger now. They also have a small theater A lot of guys go to blow a load from about 12:30pm-3pm. There are a lot of talented mouths feeding almost everyday, so if you want good head, this is the place to go. The new theater is good for voyeurs and exhibitionists, or group action. It can get pretty hot and heavy in the theater!! If you want action, just whip it out and start stroking. Someone will be there to service you shortly. But, if you want private play, just grab a booth and leave the door unlocked, or better yet, slightly ajar. The new pricing policy is $10 from open-4pm, or 4pm-close, or $15 for all day. They give you a receipt now, with the time valid, so you can go in and out now.