• Mason Canal Trail

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    • City: Lehigh Acres
    • Neighbourhood: Mason Drive
    • Address: Mason Drive and Earhart Street
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  • Rating: 5 Rating: 5 star 100
  • Description: This spot is located the on the other side of the canal of Mason Drive. The area is quiet, but this spot is more "enclosed" than Mason drive. However, unlike Mason, the sides of the canal is soft sand so no bikers or cars will go pass by and easily see you. There has been few acitivities going, once there were condom and beer bottle under the bush. This spot is smaller than Hedry Canal spot but more private, it's a trail off the side of the canal and once you get in behind the bushes nobody on street will see you, also there are some spots to go deeper in the woods. The gound is is soft, falt, and could do some "group" play there too. Some spot has lower bushes so you can peak see if anyone is coming. You can park on Mason drive or on the other side of the Earhart and then easily walk along the side of the canal and get in.