• West Park Avenue Park

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    • City: Tallahassee
    • Neighbourhood:
    • Address: 299 West Park Avenue
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  • Description: The park is part of what is called the chain of parks that runs for several blocks along W. Park avenue. Back some years ago this was a very cruisey park. After the Gay club (Club Park Ave) closed, all of the guys would walk back to campus. Even with the bar gone it is still a little cruisey at night, especially during downtown night events or home FSU games.

    The parks are divided by transecting streets but have walkways down the center. There is a Gazebo that is located along the walk. There are guys that hang out along the walk or walk at night through the parks some looking some not. When you pass look back or make eye contact when approaching you'll know if they are interested. Best cruising between Adams Street and Boulevard Street.